Santorini Biennale 2014

My work
‘You told me, I won’t be hurt.’
goes to Greece, for the Santorini Biennale 2014, themed around ‘Peace Mechanism’.
I was invited to enter into the Biennale a month ago [invitation did not necessarily mean to be accepted for the exhibition], to research how ‘Peace Mechanism’ can be used within the arts or how the arts can be a ‘Peace Mechanism’ – and also studying causations and reasons for violent acts, war.
It has been a great opportunity to work to this topic, thinking, reading on it, trying to express my opinion. I really enjoy working to a concept – even though ‘Peace Mechanism’ felt like a huge challenge to narrow down within my works I submitted.
One work per artist if accepted.

Work description for ‘You told me, I won’t be hurt.’
I was young, trusted you, but now I am hurt.
My scars are still healing, from inside out,
but I will, always feel this knife stuck in my bones.
My smile is stiff, I cannot control any of my thoughts.
I lie there, staring up into the blank ceiling, listening to the machine drumming its own song.
When will it be over, when I am allowed to go?
Ann CT 2014

Review ‘Red Rooms and In Between’, Ann CT Braunsteiner @Red Art Gallery, Nelson

Thanks to Adrienne Matthews, Nelson Mail on the review of my body of work ‘Red Rooms and In Between’, currently on show until 25th of March at the RED Art Gallery & Café , Nelson, New Zealand.

The hard copy of the review starts off with a sequence of my prose.
‘In between, Red Rooms,
symbols, fairytales, myths and sagas,
places where the death and a freedom of living
are composing an equal part’.

One of the strongest elements to Braunsteiner’s latest exhibition is her writing – exquisite lines that float between canvases…..

‘Red Rooms and In Between’ Ann Braunsteiner @Red Art Gallery

Ann Braunsteiner & the RED Gallery would like to invite you to the opening of Ann’s exhibition of exciting new works.

Please join us to support this very talented artist at her opening next Tuesday 4th March at 5.30 pm. Ann’s work has been flying off our walls over the Summer and her new exhibition allows us the opportunity to showcase her new collection.

‘Red Rooms and In Between’ is a body of work inspired by Surrealism in literature.
With her paintings and prose, Ann has intended to capture a merging of worlds, a collision of disparate parts that are found through ‘Red Rooms and In

If you are interested in supporting emerging new artists, we encourage you to attend Ann’s opening. She is certainly stamping her mark on the art world!

‘Sleepers’ Press Release…

Black Asterisk, 10 Ponsonby Rd., Auckland.

Ann Braunsteiner
Oct 23 to Nov 6

‘I saw him walking, straight, fierce and bold.


Away, he shouts.’

Ann Braunsteiner’s ‘Sleepers’ come from time spent with those in a stage of life where care for daily activities must be provided.

‘Residents’, as they are called by ‘caregivers’, pay good money to strangers for help in dressing, eating, washing and other necessities.