a solo exhibition at the McKee Gallery
located within the Suter Art Gallery Te Aratoi o Whakatu, Nelson, New Zealand.
5 – 25 June 2017

At this time, when we were all about 3 years of age, was the first time we belonged to no one other than ourselves. Some of us cried. I cried, not for anyone in particular.
The Tall People always made certain that memory was not more than a mere illusion. Instead we were given abandoned rooms, waiting for us with their mouths wide open.
Now that I started writing, images do resurface and with each new one another one pops up in my head, asking me, begging to be added, as if it would be disrespectful otherwise.
But I always come back to her. It might have to do with the letters.

Finally, one day, I had enough courage to sneak into her room. In comparison to my own or even in a more general sense, you probably could say it was more peculiar than what I had seen so far.
Unfamiliar soft toys, parts of clothing that were obviously made for some Tall Ones, images on the walls and her bed suspended from the ceiling.
On it, the least thing I expected, an envelope addressed to me;
My dear friend Sebastian,