A Refinery ArtSpace Production with

an interview with Lewis Stanton [Lloyd MacKay], an arrangement of Lepidoptera [Jessica Shirley], Chimpanzees [Stella Chrysostomou] and a Exit Sign [ready made]

Concept/Text Ann Braunsteiner Exhibition Design Lee Woodman Graphic Design Inkscape Image ‘EXIST’ Thomas Pors Koed [2012 [private collection]]

That which we call existing is very different from existing.

To start with, I wanted to be smart on the subject of Existing and I went for it. From Martin Heidegger on ‘Being and Time’, ‘Metamorphosis’ by Franz Kafka, Darwin’s theory of ‘Evolution’, and ‘Departure’ as a metaphorical theme of society. But let’s admit it, every attempt to structure and give reason to catagorise each work in this show, I drowned a little bit more. Now, days and hours later, I have reached steady ground again. A bit wiser maybe, yet still wet behind my ears knowing it would take a life time or even many to write anything profound. After all, as much as I adore reading different schools of thoughts, I am not a philosopher. I leave it with the observer to ponder on works chosen for this show, adding only a little ‘why’ I did. Lloyd McKay’s interview with Lewis Stanton illustrates until very recently a strong controversy between personal choice of existence, versus the standards of a social construct of existing with others. Lepidoptera, a photographic display of butterflies and night moths by Jessica Shirley depicts nothing more than a modi operandi on existence and the beautiful construct of metamorphsis, from larva to adulthood to accomplish one goal, the survival of a species. Chimpanzees by Stella Chrysostomou were chosen as imagery of Darwin’s theory of evolution, and further as an example of individual struggles being reduced to a minimum. Where mutual aid is more often attained than one would expect, which can add to an increased security for the species, intellectual development and progressive evolution (move footnote to here). The EXIT sign indicates the closest escape for an emergency, and relates to the starting point for the concept; EXIST.

Ann Braunsteiner, September 2017