Who is Who

A short prose/animation.
In collaboration with Dan Braulsh.
At Volume – The Space for Books.
Nelson, New Zealand.

WHO IS WHO is a short prose animation, descriptive to a living in the shadows of Braulsh’s dreams, fractures and surroundings. Braulsh is unable to interact or control his dissociative personalities, but has learned to be aware of their existence, their creative lives, even if for Braulsh himself it means to be absent, in a dream state, stand still or loosing time.
With Braunsteiner involved in this collaboration the question deepens about WHO IS WHO and to whom belong the memories transcribed in the short prose/animation of a fractured, dystopian reality, where wolves consuming the empty skins of a past existence and are protectors of a new order. Where a landscape has forever changed its face and a child becomes the narrator of a bare new world.