Santorini Biennale 2014

My work
‘You told me, I won’t be hurt.’
goes to Greece, for the Santorini Biennale 2014, themed around ‘Peace Mechanism’.
I was invited to enter into the Biennale a month ago [invitation did not necessarily mean to be accepted for the exhibition], to research how ‘Peace Mechanism’ can be used within the arts or how the arts can be a ‘Peace Mechanism’ – and also studying causations and reasons for violent acts, war.
It has been a great opportunity to work to this topic, thinking, reading on it, trying to express my opinion. I really enjoy working to a concept – even though ‘Peace Mechanism’ felt like a huge challenge to narrow down within my works I submitted.
One work per artist if accepted.

Work description for ‘You told me, I won’t be hurt.’
I was young, trusted you, but now I am hurt.
My scars are still healing, from inside out,
but I will, always feel this knife stuck in my bones.
My smile is stiff, I cannot control any of my thoughts.
I lie there, staring up into the blank ceiling, listening to the machine drumming its own song.
When will it be over, when I am allowed to go?
Ann CT 2014